The Garland Story
Written by: Margaret Garland Timbs


         Most Garlands in East Tennessee and Western North Carolina
trace their ancestors back to Humphrey Garland, Gutridge Garland
(1753-1848) and Samuel Garland.  They probably were born or raised in
Halifax County, NC. There was an older Joseph and Sarah Garland, who
owned land in the Halifax County, when it was known as  Edgecome County,
NC.  There were three other younger Garland's in Halifax County, William,
Patrick, and Jonathan Garland.  Two of them left wills in Halifax County,
William in 1778 and Patrick Garland in 1783.  Patrick and Jonathan
Garland were on the tax list in Halifax County, in 1783.   Could William,
Patrick and Jonathan have been sons of this Joseph and Sarah Garland???  
It is thought that there might be some connection to this Joseph and
Sarah, but no link has been found.
    There was an older  John Garland, from Virginia who left land in
this area of North Carolina to a Joseph Garland.   It is believed that
this John was a descendant of Peter Garland,  from Isle of Wight County,
Virginia, his line originally from England.  They may connect to a Peter
Garland whose ancestors were from New England; ship builders, and
merchants, with one of their ports of call being Virginia.
          During the 1780's several Garlands moved to Washington
County, NC/Tn.  They were Gutridge, Samuel, Joseph, Elisha, John, Jesse,
and Humphrey all related, maybe brothers, half brothers, or even cousins,
or father and sons.  John, Elisha, and Humphrey had Revolutionary War
records, and all were at the Battle of Brandywine.  Most of them moved to
what is now Carter County, TN.   In the 1780's Gutridge and Humphrey
moved to the Limestone Cove Section, then Carter County, now Unicoi
County.  Most Carter County and Johnson County Garlands descend from
Samuel Garland.  About 1805 Gutridge moved to what is known today as
Mitchell County.   
     In the 1770's Rowan County, NC (Salisbury District) shows three
Garlands serving in the Rowan County Militia: Gutridge, Samuel and
Joseph's who might also have been brothers. All three signatures were in
the handwriting of  Gutridge.
     Rowan County documents for 9/26/1778 recorded the marriage of
Gutridge Garland and Bridget Hampton, (c1758-1845).  Bridget was the
daughter of Ezekiel Hampton, Senior, 1734-1811 and Jenny Griggs, daughter
of Minus Griggs, died 1778, and Jane.  Bridget was the granddaughter of
Sarah Kuykendall and Colonel Andrew Hampton 1715-1805, Revolutionary War
veteran of the Battle of Kings Mountain from the Rutherford County, NC
         Carter County was formed in 1796.  Gutridge was elected in
1796 as a magistrate under John Sevier, and would never have appointed a
person who was a Tory and as magistrate.   Sevier  was an earlier settler
in east TN, Indian fighter, Veteran of the Battle of King's Mountain,
Governor of the Lost State of Franklin and First Governor of Tennessee.
      Joseph settled in the area today known as Garland's branch,
near the town of Watauga, between Elizabethton and Johnson City.  His
daughter, Mary Garland married in 1815 in Carter County to Larkin
Thompson.  In the 1830 Carter County Census, listed a Larkin Thompson,
and next to him was an William Garland, ages 40 to 49 and another older
male in his household ages 80 to 89.  This would have to be the Joseph.  
We do know he had a son William Garland.   The rest of his family moved
to Alabama before 1840.
    John Garland married Susanna Nickolas in Warren County, NC in
1781.  He owned land in east Tennessee, but later moved to eastern
Kentucky.  He applied for his Revolutionary War Pension from Knox Countym
KY.   His wife and children were listed in Knox and Clay Counties in KY
in 1850.
    Elisha Garland, born 1763,  married Lucy Reeves, sister of the
wife of James Robertson, listed as the father of Middle TN.  Elisha and
Jesse moved to SC and were listed there in the 1790 Census.  They moved
shortly after that to Davidson County, TN.  Most of the marriages in the
early Davidson County are either children of Elisha Garland or Jesse
Garland, born before 1772.  Several of Jesse's children moved to Calloway
County, KY.
    Humphrey Garland was born about 1749, (Revolution War Pension of
1834 has 1732 as his birth date), probably died after 1834, because he
was on the 1834 pension list.   He enlisted in the Colonial Army May 1776
to January 1778 in the North Carolina line of Taylor's Company.  He was
wounded at the Battle of Brandywine. He applied for his war pension from
Jonesboro, TN in 1828.
    On February 11, 1780 in Warren County, NC Humphrey Garland
married Elizabeth Blankenship, born about 1763.  Humphrey and Elizabeth
probably had the following children: 1.  Sarah c1780), married David
Garland, son of Gutridge and Bridget; 2.  Daniel (c1791-5-26-1845),
married Elizabeth Grange.  Daniel was on the early tax list in east TN,
and lived in Limestone Cove.  They moved the south-west part of North
Carolina near the Georgia Border, then to northern GA; 3.  John applied
in Jonesboro with his brother Jesse for the War of 1812; John might have
married Ruth Brummit in Washington County, TN on 4-5-1822  4.  Martha
(Patsy) born c1780 married in Carter County, TN to Richard Colyear born
c1779.  They were in the Pulaski County, KT 1850 census under a Humphrey
Colyear born TN age 43.  Martha would have named him after her father.
5.  Jesse Garland (c1794-, and died 1854 in Benton County, MO, married
Ruth Smith in Jefferson County, Tn, moved to Kentucky then to Missouri.
Their son Daniel went to Oregon by wagon train with the family of his
future wife, Emily Bridgefarmer.  
        Children of Gutridge and Bridget Garland 1.  David Garland
(7-20-1779-4-24-1866) married c1797 Sarah Garland; His will listed his
wife Sarah as his heir and son, John Wesley Garland was the Executor. A
letter to John Wesley Garland, in 1832 from Patsy and Richard Colyer,
called him their nephew.   A court Case in Unicoi Co. TN called Garland
Vs Higgins, listed John's brothers and sisters.  2.  Ezekiel Garland
(1782-1817) married 1803 Susanna Grindstaff, only child to stay in
Tennessee; 3.  John William Garland (9-14-1785/10-24-1863) married
Rebecca Stanley;  4.  Elisha Garland 1788-1875 married Nancy Robinson or
Robertson; 5.  Jenny Garland (1790-12-6-1857) married Lazarus Phillips;
6.  Samuel Gutridge Garland (1795-1873) married Mary "Polly" Stanley; 7.
Bridget Garland (1797-1873) married Swinfield Stanley;  8.  Telitha
Garland "Lytha" (5-22-1798/4-17-1881) married William Stanley; 9.
Delitha Garland, born between 1797 and 1803, died after 1880 married
Nathan Birchfield. 10. Stephen Garland (4-13-1803/6-6-1875),  married (1)
Elizabeth McKinney, (1805-1844) and they  had eleven children, among them
Melinda who married Joseph Stanley.  Stephen married second Elizabeth
Forbes and they had ten children.  11. Dorothy "Dolly" Garland
(6-11-1808/ 12-5-1854) married Gray Briggs.
    Two of Gutridge's children (Samuel Gutridge Garland and Delitha
Garland and her husband, William Stanley, and some of John William
Garland and Polly Stanley's descendants, moved to Fannin County in the
northern part of Georgia.
      Children: David and Sarah Garland
1.  Bridget Garland (c1799-c1840) married William Blevins c1800 who
married (2) Mary Gouge;  2.  Gutridge Garland "Fish Trap Gutch" (1798-
1886) married Francis McKinney, 3.  Charles Garland (c1801-1871) married
Rebecca Blevins c1807, died after 1870, maybe a sister to William
Blevins;  4.  Lydia Garland 1806 married William Forbes;  5.  John Wesley
Garland (1808-1887) married (1) Jane Horton, (2) Ann Poteat; 6. Hodge
Rayburn Garland 1810-1863 married (1) Ann Byrd, (2) Nancy Baker, widow of
William McKinney and daughter of David Baker and Dorothy Wiseman.
Bakersville, NC is named after this David Baker.  7.  Sarah Garland c1816
married Basil Deyton; 8.  Williamson Garland 1820 married Jane O'Brian.
    Samuel Garland, born about 1742, in Halifax County, NC,  probably
married Mary Harper, before 1763.  He served in  Captain Jacob Aykle's
Co. of the Rowan County NC Militia.  They  moved in the mid 1780's, with
other Garland's to Washington Co., NC, today Carter County, TN.
      Samuel Garland left a will in Carter County, naming 4 sons,
Ambrose, Harper, Lewis and William, 2 son's-in-law, Griffen Mears (wife
Amy Garland),  and Moses Adams (Mary Garland) and  two grandsons, Samuel
and Isaac Garland, sons of William Garland.  1.  Ambrose Garland born
c1765, moved to Floyd County, KY about 1805.  2.  Amy Garland born c1769,
married 1805 Griffen Mears, no more is known. 3.  Mary Garland b. c1776,
married c1796, Moses Adams, and  moved to Perry County, KY around 1805,
most descendants are in eastern and south eastern Ky.   4.  Harper
Garland born c1777, married 1799, Wilkes County, NC Betsy Minton, they
moved to Middle Tennessee,  5.   Lewis Garland born c1780, probably died
before 1830, because his wife Tabitha, was listed head of household, with
children in the 1830 Claiborne Co., TN Census.  6.  William "Billy Hell"
Garland born c1784, married 1806 in Carter County, TN.
He raised his family in the Stoney Creek Section of Carter County.  His
son Lewis Garland settled and raised his family in the Shady Valley of
Johnson County, which is north of Carter County.

                     The Story of NORA HARWOOD GARLAND
                         Written by: Margaret Garland Timbs

My grandmother, Nora Washington Harwood was born 2-2-1891in Robbinsville, but moved to the Bad Creek Section ofMitchell County, NC, after she married Glenn Garland in her
parents home on 12-12-1908.  Glenn met Nora when he went to
Robbinsville, NC to work with his father's brother, Charles
Garland (1844-1925), in the Lumber Industry.  Nora moved to
Elizabethton in 1961 after her husband's death to lived near
her son, Claude Garland (1911-1987).  She was the tenth of
thirteen children of Patten Phidella Harwood (1851-1939) who
married 1871 Margaret Mariah Deaver (1854-1940).  They had
another daughter, Amanda Harwood (c1887), who married 3-3-
1908 Thomas Garland, Charles's grandson.  Margaret was the
daughter of Thomas Jefferson Deaver (born 1824 in Blount
County, TN and died during the Civil War on January 10, 1864)
who married first in 1844 to Cecelia Lucinda Davis (1827-
1856). Thomas married second Susan Angeline Kirkland.  Glenn
was the son of Nathan Garland (1866-1930) and Elizabeth Hyder
(1868-1913).  Nathan and Charles were the sons of William
Garland (1826-1871) and Elizabeth Buchanan (1923-1903).
Elizabeth Hyder was the daughter of Sally Street (1844-1933)
and Jacob Hyder (1814-1871) from Carter County, TN.
     DAVIS: William Davis was born between 1727 to 1740, died
1841), married second Francis Carpenter (c1771-1841), they
had eleven children, with Jacob (c1801-1873) being the fourth
child.  Jacob married 1825 his first cousin, Susanna Miller
whose mother, Margaret Carpenter Miller was a sister to
Francis.  Jacob and Susanna had twelve children with the
oldest was Cecelia Lucinda, my great great grandmother.  (see
William Davis Story)
     DEAVER: The Deaver's were of French Descent possibly
from the Norman French.  Stories told are: A William de Vere
went to England in 1066 with William the Conqueror.  Robert
de Vere was present when the Magna Carta was signed.  Shortly
before the American Revolution two brothers came to America
and dropped the Van and just went by Deaver.  Richard Deaver
and his wife Grace sailed on the ship "Lionheart" and landed
in Maryland in 1657.  Gilbert Deaver reared a family on the
Susquehanna River, Maryland, one known son was William
Deaver.  These Deaver's were suppose to be related to Marquis
LaFayette , the famous Frenchman who helped during the
American Revolution.  We think this William is the ancestor
of our Thomas (born Maryland) and son William (born 1795) in
Haywood County, NC, died 1873 in Graham County, NC, served in
the War of 1812).  that William married Elizabeth Mackey in
1821 in Blount County, TN.  Elizabeth was born 1799 in the
Camden District of South Carolina, and died 1767 in Cherokee
County, NC.).  William and Elizabeth had three children:
Nancy Deaver; Sallie Deaver born 1823 Blount County died 1882
Graham County, married 1843 Blount County to George Rogers,
Junior (1822-before 1882); Thomas Jefferson Deaver married
Cecelia Davis.
     Elizabeth Mackey was the daughter of William Mackey who
was born 1759 Charleston County, SC, died 1838 Roane County,
TN, married 1794 Camden District, SC to Nancy "Mary" White
born 1775 Maryland, died 1857 Blount County, TN.  According
to William's Revolutionary War Records shows he was married
two or three times, with Nancy being his last wife.  William
was the son of John Mackey, Senior born 1730 in Scotland,
died 1817, married (c1748) Sarah McKinnie, daughter of
Benjamin Mckinnie and Mary.  William had a brother Robert
This Robert is thought to be the Robert Mackey from from SC,
who married Elizabeth McQueen, who along with their family
are the main characters in the Savannah Series, by Eugenia
Price.  According to the author the Mackey Family History is
factual, the setting is from Savannah to the North Georgia
Mountains, time frame from 1812 to after the Civil War.
     DEWEESE AND HARWOOD:  Nora's Paternal great grandmother
was Sarah DeWeese (c1807-1848), married 1821 (Church Records)
to EsQuire "Squire" Harwood, son of John Harwood and Ester
Seine.  The DeWeese Line possibly migrated from France to
Holland to avoid religious persecution, making them mainly of
Dutch Descent.
    One version of the origin of them in America is given by
Garrett DeWeese who claimed to be a native of Zaandem, (near
Amsterdam, Holland, gave this account.  "  In 1563 a Jan
Pietre, orphaned very young, was from Dortrecht, Holland.
Jan was adopted by a family named DeWeese.  In 1656 an Adam
DeWeese loaned the Colony of New Amsterdam (NY) 3600
     Garrett came with William Penn on his first voyage to
America, who planned to establish a Quaker Colony in
Pennsylvania, which today covers parts of New Jersey and
Delaware.  Garrett leased land from William Penn which was
located in the area known as Valley Forge.  Garrett allowed
the Revolutionary War Leaders to build a fort on his land.
He was made a Colonel by General George Washington.  Garrett
and his wife had four sons.  The eldest son, Wilhelm later
changed to William, owned the second paper mill in America.
The first one was owned by his father-in-law, in the area
known as today as Paper Mill Run in South West part of
Philadelphia.  Our line is from the fourth child, Cornelius,
who was born in Holland, married Margaret Koster, who had at
least one child Garrett.  Garrett married a Mary and they had
three sons and a daughter, ours was Henry.  Henry married
12-12-1768 Elizabeth Hughes in St. Michael and Zion Church in
     Around 1770 Henry and his family migrated to Botetourt
County, VA where most of their eight children were born.
Henry and his family moved to western North Carolina and was
one of the first 150 men to settle there.  He traveled
through the Watauga Settlement, now Carter County,
TN, following the French Broad River to settle in the Ivy
Community near Barnesville in Buncombe County, NC.  Henry
served on the first Grand Jury, the judge asked " the men to
please remove their coonskin caps".
    Henry moved to Kentucky along with all of his children
but Garrett, but returned to North Carolina.  Garrett married
Susan Palmer from Buncombe County, and the daughter of Edmond
and Brittany Palmer.  Garrett became a Baptist Preacher.
Sarah was their fifth child.
     Sarah married Squire Harwood born c1800 in Rowan County,
NC, died 1879 in Buncombe County, was the fourth child of
John Harwood and Ester Seine.  John was born 1763 in
Maryland, married Ester 12-14-1782, and died 1805 in Rowan
County, NC.  Two of the eleven children of Squire and Sarah
were John H. and Patten Phidella Harwood.  Squire's brother
John married Rebecca Buckner who also moved to Buncombe
County.  Rebecca B.  Harwood moved with her two nephews, John
and P.  P. to Cherokee County, now Robbinsville, Graham
County, NC.
    John Henry Harwood (2-25-1822/1885), married 1-15-1846
Mary Ann Bradley (1823-1901) of Rutherford County, NC.  John
and Mary had eight children, the first, Garrett Harwood
(1847-1887) was named for John's maternal grandfather, their
third child was Patten Phidella (1851-1939) married Margaret
     One famous Harwood, (no known direct connection), was
William Harwood who was appointed Governor about 1620 of a
forgotten settlement known as Martin's Hundred just north of
Jamestown in Virginia.  This settlement was wiped out by an
Indian attack by 1635.  It was discovered when Williamsburg
Historical Society bought the Carter Grove Plantation and had
archeologist digging for Colonial Era items.  This Mansion,
which is just outside of Williamsburg, is well worth the
visit for it's own history, plus the reconstructed Martin's
Hundred, where the excavations are still being done.
Sources:  Margaret Walker's book, Our Heritage, Linda
Watford, Barbara Carpenter, Opal DeWeese Duffy, Ruth Cupit
and Family Bibles, Various Histories.

Ezekiel Garland 1782 & Susanna Grindstaff c 1785

The Garland Memorial  -  Archives of Jamie Anders Tate.

Marcella's Family Tree

Descendants of Ezekiel GARLAND                                           

1. Ezekiel GARLAND (b.1782-Washington Co.,TN d.1817-Unicoi Co.,TN)
sp: Susanna GRINDSTAFF (b.Abt 1785 d.1859)

  +-2. Sarah Jane GARLAND (b.1806 d.1884)
    sp: James "Wolf" WHITEHEAD (b.c1793-NC d.1884-TN)

     +-3. Susanna WHITEHEAD (b.Abt 1831-TN d.TN)
       sp: Asa DAVIS (b.Sep 1821-TN d.Abt 1902-Limestone Cove,,Carter Co. now Unicoi Co.,TN)
        |-4. James R. DAVIS (b.Abt Aug 1845-Carter Co.,TN bu.Butler Cemetery,NC)
        | sp: Alietha Margaret BUTLER (b.Apr 1848-NC,Yancey Co. now Mitchell Co. bu.Butler Cemetry,NC)
        |  |-5. Dock DAVIS (b.30 Jan 1884-Big Rock Creek,Boonford,NC,Mitchell Co. d.26 Dec 1956-Evergreen Cemetery,Erwin,TN,Unicoi Co.)
        |  | sp: Mamie Ada JOHNSON (b.22 Apr 1902-Washington Co. TN d.Evergreen Cemetery,Erwin,TN,Unicoi Co.)
        |  |  |-6. Fred Gerard DAVIS
        |  |  | sp: Barbara Ann SELLARS
        |  |  |  |-7. Steven Patrick DAVIS
        |  |  |  | sp: Tina PINKSTON
        |  |  |  |  |-8. Justin Eldridge DAVIS
        |  |  |  |  |-8. Patrick Gerard DAVIS
        |  |  |  | sp: Lynda HARGROVES
        |  |  |  +-7. Marcella Ann DAVIS-BURKS
        |  |  |-6. Patrick Henry DAVIS (b.13 Jun 1923 d.12 Jun 1948)
        |  |  |-6. Kathryn Edna DAVIS (b.14 Dec 1924 d.31 May 1972)
        |  |  | sp: H. P. STREET
        |  |  |  |-7. Judy STREET
        |  |  |  |-7. Robert STREET
        |  |  |  |-7. Roger STREET
        |  |  |  +-7. Ricky STREET
        |  |  |-6. Dock DAVIS, JR. (b.22 May 1926 d.Jan 1978-Johnson City,TN)
        |  |  |-6. Betty Ruth DAVIS (b.1930 d.1 Dec 1999-Unicoi Co.,TN)
        |  |  | sp: James MCNABB
        |  |  |  |-7. Jimmy MCNABB
        |  |  |  |-7. Jerry MCNABB
        |  |  |  |-7. Jackie MCNABB
        |  |  |  |-7. Joanne MCNABB
        |  |  |  |-7. Jan MCNABB
        |  |  |  |-7. Jill MCNABB
        |  |  |  |-7. Joey MCNABB
        |  |  |  +-7. Jeffery MCNABB
        |  |  |-6. Preda SHELTON
        |  | sp: Annie SHELTON (m.(nm)d.Erwin,TN)
        |  |  +-6. Preda SHELTON
        |  |-5. Henry DAVIS (b.1865-Carter County,TN)
        |  | sp: Lydea
        |  |  |-6. Frank DAVIS
        |  |  |-6. Orge DAVIS
        |  |  |-6. Jerome DAVIS
        |  |  |-6. Paul DAVIS
        |  |  |-6. Rachel DAVIS
        |  |  |-6. Nola DAVIS
        |  |  |-6. Litha DAVIS
        |  |  |-6. Ket DAVIS
        |  |  +-6. Charles Erwin DAVIS
        |  |-5. Polly or Mary ? DAVIS (b.1869-Carter County,TN)
        |  | sp: PETERSON
        |  |  +-6. John PETERSON
        |  |-5. John DAVIS (b.1871-Carter County,TN)
        |  | sp: Judy GOUGE
        |  |  |-6. Issac DAVIS
        |  |  |-6. Ernest DAVIS
        |  |  |-6. Howard DAVIS
        |  |  |-6. Elmer DAVIS
        |  |  |-6. Earl DAVIS
        |  |  |-6. Ethel DAVIS
        |  |  +-6. Lurla DAVIS
        |  |-5. Sarah DAVIS (b.10 Oct 1872-Cades Cove,Mitchell Co.,NC d.26 Jan 1952-Johnson City,Washington Co. TN)
        |  | sp: William GOUGE (b.16 Nov 1869 d.16 Nov 1914)
        |  |  |-6. Ashley GOUGE (b.26 Jul 1896-TN)
        |  |  |-6. Warren GOUGE (b.Abt 1895-TN d.Nov 1978-Ohio)
        |  |  |-6. John H. GOUGE (b.14 Jul 1898)
        |  |  |-6. Pastor Jake GOUGE (b.1904-TN)
        |  |  |-6. James Madison GOUGE (b.29 Mar 1900-Mitchell Co.,NC d.25 Oct 1980-Carter Co. TN)
        |  |  |-6. Myrtle GOUGE (b.9 Mar 1906-TN)
        |  |  | sp: FOSTER
        |  |  |-6. Ethel GOUGE (b.6 Feb 1914-TN)
        |  |  | sp: BRYANT
        |  |  |-6. Burley GOUGE (b.6 May 1902-TN d.Sep 1979-Ohio)
        |  |  |-6. Dolly GOUGE (b.31 May 1911-TN)
        |  |  |-6. Linda GOUGE (b.22 May 1909-TN)
        |  |  |-6. Jane GOUGE (b.22 Apr 1893-TN)
        |  |  +-6. Elijah Ezekiel GOUGE (b.Unicoi Co.,TN)
        |  |-5. Nathaniel DAVIS (b.Carter County,TN)
        |  |-5. Thomas DAVIS (b.1874-Carter County,TN)
        |  |   sp: UNKNOWN
        |  |  |-6. Ed DAVIS
        |  |  |-6. Frank DAVIS
        |  |  |-6. Litha DAVIS
        |  |  |-6. Mag DAVIS
        |  |  +-6. Nola DAVIS
        |  |-5. George DAVIS (b.1875-NC,Yancey Co. now Mitchell Co.)
        |  |-5. Jacob DAVIS (b.1878-NC,Yancey Co. now Mitchell Co. d.NC,Yancey Co. now Mitchell Co.)
        |  |   sp: UNKNOWN
        |  |  +-6. Avery DAVIS
        |  |-5. Johnson DAVIS (b.1880-NC,Yancey Co. now Mitchell Co.)
        |  |-5. Lysia DAVIS (b.1883-Mitchell Co.,NC)
        |  |-5. Frank Little DAVIS (b.2 Feb 1887-Magnet City,Mitchell Co.,NC d.10 Oct 1943-Elizabethton,TN)
        |  | sp: Mary Ethel WOODBY (b.7 May 1893 d.10 Apr 1930)
        |  |  |-6. Elmer Dean DAVIS (b.20 Nov 1920 d.20 Mar 1983)
        |  |  | sp: Jean MARCUS (a.21 Jun 1947)
        |  |  |  |-7. Patricia Ann DAVIS (b.1948)
        |  |  |  | sp: Donald Ray GENTRY
        |  |  |  |-7. Gary Dean DAVIS (b.1952)
        |  |  |  | sp: Rita Paulette HONEYCUTT
        |  |  |  |-7. Kimberly Jean DAVIS (b.1966)
        |  |  |  | sp: Nathan Lee GOUGE
        |  |  |  +-7. Phillip Kevin DAVIS (b.12 Oct 1957 d.21 Jun 1958)
        |  |  |-6. Delbert Joseph DAVIS (b.14 Aug 1918 d.17 Feb 1970)
        |  |  | sp: Mazie MORTON
        |  |  |-6. Lawrence Robinson DAVIS (b.5 Dec 1910 d.4 May 1967)
        |  |  | sp: Alma GREER (b.22 May 1916-Ashe County,NC)
        |  |  |  |-7. Louise DAVIS (b.1939)
        |  |  |  |-7. Dee DAVIS (b.1938)
        |  |  |  |-7. Mary DAVIS (b.1942)
        |  |  |  |-7. Ruth DAVIS (b.1944)
        |  |  |  |-7. Lawrence Robinson DAVIS Jr. (b.1946)
        |  |  | sp: Mildred GREER (a.30 Apr 1929)
        |  |  |  |-7. Frank Joseph DAVIS (b.14 Sep 1930 d.12 Feb 1933)
        |  |  |  +-7. Donald Deen Davis BLEVINS (b.9 May 1933)
        |  |  |-6. Sarah DAVIS
        |  |  |-6. Gladys Sally DAVIS (b.28 Feb 1915 d.6 Mar 1915)
        |  |  |-6. Janie Christine DAVIS (b.20 Apr 1922 d.17 Dec 1925)
        |  |   sp: UNKNOWN
        |  | sp: Delia SNEED (d.1983)
        |  |-5. Hinia DAVIS (b.1893-Mitchell Co.,NC)
        |  |-5. Charlie DAVIS (b.1887-Mitchell Co.,NC)
        |  | sp: Rachel
        |  |  |-6. Frank DAVIS
        |  |  |-6. Loyd DAVIS
        |  |  |-6. Ralph DAVIS
        |  |  |-6. Willard DAVIS
        |  |  |-6. Lawrence DAVIS
        |  |  |-6. Edith DAVIS
        |  |  |-6. Martha DAVIS
        |  |  |-6. Mary DAVIS
        |  |  |-6. Biddie DAVIS
        |  |  +-6. Etta DAVIS
        |  +-5. Lizzie DAVIS
        |    sp: MILLER
        |     |-6. Doc MILLER
        |     |-6. Nellie MILLER
        |     +-6. Oscar MILLER
        |-4. John H. DAVIS (b.21 Aug 1851-Carter Co.,TN d.24 Jan 1914)
        | sp: Lockette Jane GOUGE (b.Abt 1859-Carter County,TN)
        |  |-5. Lurla DAVIS
        |  |-5. Issac DAVIS
        |  |-5. Howard DAVIS
        |  |-5. Mary Ethel DAVIS
        |  |-5. Elmer DAVIS
        |  +-5. Ernest DAVIS
        |-4. Sarah DAVIS (b.Abt 1852-Carter County,TN)
        |-4. Biddy DAVIS (b.Abt 1854-Carter County,TN)
        |-4. David Carter DAVIS (b.16 Feb 1856-Carter County,TN)
        | sp: Mary Jane ROACH
        |  |-5. Arthor DAVIS
        |  |   sp: UNKNOWN
        |  |  +-6. Thad DAVIS
        |  |-5. Sherral DAVIS
        |  |-5. Mabel DAVIS
        |  | sp: MYERS
        |  |-5. Fay DAVIS
        |  | sp: BIRCHFIELD
        |  +-5. Boss Leroy DAVIS (b.29 Feb 1844 d.1 Apr 1937)
        |-4. Elijah H. (L.) DAVIS (b.Abt 1861-Carter County,TN)
        | sp: Mary Elizabeth HALL (a.Abt 1895-NC)
        |  |-5. Mason DAVIS (b.18 Jul 1897-NC)
        |  |-5. Silas DAVIS (b.Abt 1899-NC)
        |  |-5. Eva Mae DAVIS (b.24 Jan 1903-Gaston CO.,NC d.21 Dec 1982-Minneapolis,Hennepin Co.,MN)
        |  | sp: Walter C. GRAY
        |  |-5. Effie Louise DAVIS (b.6 Aug 1905-NC)
        |  |-5. Nora A. DAVIS (b.Abt 1907)
        |  |-5. Samuel DAVIS (b.9 Sep 1909-TN)
        |  +-5. James DAVIS (b.29 Nov 1911-Cocke Co.,TN)
        |-4. Hannah DAVIS (b.Abt 1864-Carter County,TN)
        |-4. Samuel DAVIS (b.Carter County,TN)
        +-4. Dock Packerson DAVIS (b.1867-Carter Co.,TN d.27 Apr 1932-Townsend,Blount Co. TN)
          sp: UNKNOWN (b.Carter County,TN)
           |-5. James DAVIS (b.18 Jul 1893-Carter Co.,TN)
           | sp: Rebecca BRUMETT (b.TN d.1925)
           | sp: Floye GRINDSTAFF
           | sp: Floye GRINDSTAFF (b.TN)
           |-5. George Washington DAVIS (b.11 Jul 1895-Carter Co.,TN d.Tampa,Florida)
           | sp: Addie GREENE (a.10 Apr 1930-TN)
          sp: Rhoda Ann GIESLER (b.1885-Carter Co.,TN d.1963-Townsend,Blount Co. TN)
           |-5. Monte DAVIS (b.20 Sep 1908-Carter Co.,TN)
           | sp: Lydea MYERS (b.Townsend,Blount Co. TN)
           |-5. Nellie Pearl DAVIS (b.8 Jan 1910-Carter Co.,TN d.Sevier Co.,TN)
           | sp: Tommy MCGILL (a.1927)
           |-5. William Frank DAVIS (b.29 Sep 1912-Carter Co.,TN d.Knoxville,TN,Jefferson Co.,TN)
           | sp: Hazel HEADRICK (a.1944 d.16 Apr 1953-Townsend,Blount Co. TN)
           | sp: Elizabeth BARKER (a.Jul 1953-Townsend,Blount Co. TN)
           | sp: Ada Thompson MCCOY (a.14 Jun 1958-TN)
           |-5. Tempia Alice DAVIS (b.25 May 1915-Carter Co.,TN d.30 May 1989-Townsend,Blount Co. TN)
           | sp: Thomas Glenn SELLERS (b.4 Mar 1908-TN d.21 Jan 2000-Townsend,Blount Co. TN)
           |  |-6. Geneva SELLERS (b.12 Jun 1935-Townsend,Blount Co. TN d.19 Dec 1993-Sevierville,TN)
           |  |-6. Alma Jean SELLERS (b.9 Aug 1937-Townsend,Blount Co. TN)
           |  |-6. Carmon Glenn SELLERS (b.5 Sep 1939-Townsend,Blount Co. TN)
           |  |-6. Jacqulaynn Othenia SELLERS (b.May 1942-Townsend,Blount Co. TN)
           |  |-6. Maedelle SELLERS (b.20 Feb 1944-Townsend,TN)
           |  +-6. Jerry Lynn SELLERS (b.12 Aug 1946-Blount Co. TN)
           |-5. Fred DAVIS (b.13 Aug 1918-Carter Co.,TN d.Blount Co. TN)
           | sp: Lillie DUNN (b.TN)
           |-5. Mary Ellen DAVIS (b.11 Aug 1921-Carter Co.,TN d.Knoxville,Jefferson Co.,TN)
           | sp: Ray LAWSON (a.1936-TN)
           | sp: Hugh ADDLEMAN (a.12 Jul 1947-TN)
           |-5. Minnie Belle DAVIS (b.18 Mar 1924-Carter Co.,TN)
           | sp: Alvin GARLAND (a.19 Jun 1938-TN)
           +-5. Hazel Mae DAVIS (b.1 Dec 1927-Carter Co.,TN d.1 Dec 1927-Carter Co.,TN)